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Recent projects

Look through some of our recent projects

Extension and garage conversion 

Extension and internal refurbishment

This project included a two-story side extension, the relocation of the kitchen and an infill extension and partial garage conversion to create a new utility area and structural openings to allow access to all new areas. 

Full house rebuild

Rebuild & Full installation

This project included the demolition of the existing roof structure and internal walls and garage. The construction of a front extension, construction of a new first floor, installation of a steel frame to the rear of the property to allow vaulted ceilings. Construction of new garage to the front of the property. This project was carried out from the demolition and complete reconfiguration of all existing doors and windows and construction of extension and garage and taken to a plastered finish internally, with all new services fitted, including bathrooms.

Extension & Structural alterations

Full project management

This project entails the construction of a side extension, and major structural work to support existing external and internal walls to the first floor to create a new downstairs family and kitchen area. We also built a new utility area for the downstairs and a downstairs toilet. This included all services from fitting new drainage, heating systems, complete new fitting of kitchen, plastering, and tiling. 

Extension & Structural alteration 

Alterations to open the space up

Construction of a rear extension from the ground up, this included parapet walls, with a flat roof build. This included structural opening from the house to the extension and installation of underfloor heating and new electrical services. Construction of a new utility room and an installation of a new kitchen. 

Construction of rear ground floor extension

Full project management

A small first-floor extension and side extension to the living room. This included major structural work to open up the property to the extensions and installation of underfloor heating to new and existing areas. Installation of kitchen and retaining walls to allow for the construction of the extension. 

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